Every year the Council for Social Development carries out a number of training courses and workshops designed to enhance the capacity of the participants in these programmes to have a better understanding of social development problems and challenges, learn the methodology for carrying out research on social issues mainly based on the survey method and generally to deal with the critical problems in important area of social development , like health, education, settlements of project displaced persons etc. Participants in these training courses and workshops are drawn from researchers in universities and independent think tanks, policy makers and non-governmental organizations. Two subjects on which training courses are organised every year are social science research methodology and the settlement of persons displaced by development projects.


Training Programme on New Approaches to Resettlement: Building Capacity for Project Management
Dates: 27th November – 29th November , 2017
Venue: Council for Social Development, New Delhi
Course Co-ordinators: Dr. Ankita Goyal
Sponsoring Agency: Council for Social Development

About the Course
Three day annual training workshop on ‘New Approaches to Resettlement’. The objective of this workshop was to familiarize participants with newer, more effective ways of managing the emerging resettlement challenges, designed keeping in view the changing training needs of resettlement practitioners including senior/middle level government officials, industry managers, NGO’s representative, academics, and also those working on internationally funded projects.
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Training Workshop on Dalit Rights and Democracy
Dates: 28th August – 1st September, 2017
Venue: Council for Social Development, New Delhi
Conveners: Prof Manoranjan Mohanty, Prof Zoya Hasan, Prof. K.B. Saxena,Prof. N. Sukumar and Dr. Harish Wankhede
Course Co-ordinator: Dhruva Narayan (dhruva@csdindia.org)
Contact Person: Rakesh Ranjan (rakeshjnu06@gmail.com)
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