Social Change Current Issue

Volume 47, Issue 3, September 2017


Dialectics of Field and Archive: Cases of Displacement and Forest Management in West Bengal

Abhijit Guha

Masking Poverty and Entitlement: RSBY in Selected Districts of West Bengal

Kasturi Sen, Swagata Gupta

Multilevel Exclusion of Dalit Students in Professional Elite Colleges of India

Chandra B.P. Singh

Sociology of Disability in India: A Victim of Disciplinary Apathy

Vikash Kumar, KetakiDwivedi

The Dynamics of Women’s Empowerment: A Critical Appraisal

Subhash Sharma

The Rural–Urban Dichotomy Effects of Social Grants on Sustainable Poverty Alleviation in Polokwane Local Municipality, South Africa

E.M. Mutyenyoka, J.P. Tsheola


The National Family Health Survey: An Early Warning

Imrana Qadeer


On the Structure of Subalternity and the Process of Subalternisation in India

T.K. Oommen

The Nature of Economic Development

Pulin B. Nayak

Development Economists Need to be Interdisciplinary in their Thinking

Vibhuti Patel

Review Article

ICSSR Research Surveys and Explorations, Volume 1: C.P. Chandrasekhar (Ed.), Indian Industrialization; Volume 2: Jayati Ghosh (Ed.), India and the International Economy; and Volume 3: Prabhat Patnaik (Ed.), Macroeconomics

Manoj Panda

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Book Reviews

Book Review: Shanta Gokhale (Ed.), The Scenes We Made: An Oral History of Experimental Theatre in Mumbai

Sudhanva Deshpande

Book Review: Partha S. Ghosh, Migrants, Refugees and the Stateless in South Asia

Deepak Kumar Bhaskar, Ram PraveshSah

Book Review: Parag D. Parobo, India’s First Democratic Revolution: DayanandBandodkar and the Rise of Bahujan in Goa

Imtiaz Quadri

Book Review: MeenazKassam, Femida Handy and Emily Janson, Philanthropy in India: Promise to Practice

Seema Sharma

Book Review: Will Sweetman and Aditya Malik (Eds), Hinduism in India: Modern and Contemporary Movements

G. Kanato Chophy

Book Review: Rajeev Bhattacharyya, Rendezvous with Rebels: Journey to Meet India’s Most Wanted Men

Parvin Sultana

Book Review: Sarit K. Chaudhuri and Sucheta Sen Chaudhuri (Eds), Fieldwork in South Asia: Memories, Moments and Experiences

K.M. Ziyauddin

Book Review: T.K. Khongsai, TheKukis Unforgettable Patriot: Profile of Lalkhohen

Kamminlen Haokip