Vol:  46, Issue 3, September 2016
Table of Contents

Religion and Development: Understanding their Relationship with Reference to Hinduism: A Study Marking the Centenary of Max Weber’s Religions of India – Vinay Kumar Srivastava
The State, Tribals and Law: The Politics behind the Enactment of PESA and FRA – Kamal Nayan Choubey
Child Deprivation in Gujarat – Aalok Ranjan Chaurasia
Triple Exclusion of Dalits in Land Ownership in Kerala – C.R. Yadu and C.K. Vijayasuryan C.K.
Employment Patterns Among Agricultural Labourers in Rural Punjab – Gurmanpreet Singh and Kamaljit Singh
Gender Differences in Lifestyles: Results of a Survey among Indian School-Going Adolescents – Arun Pratap Singh and Girishwar Misra

New Education Policy: A Critique and A Submission – Ambarish Rai and Sneha Palit

‘Red Sun in the Blue Sky:’  Rohith Vemula’s Utopian Republic – Sukumar

Book Reviews
Praful Bidwai, The Phoenix Moment: Challenges Confronting the Indian Left – Manoranjan Mohanty
Rajesh Pradhan, When the Saints go Marching In: The Curious Ambivalence of Religious Sadhus in Recent Politics in India – Supriya Rao
Nirupama Dutt, The Ballad of Bant Singh: A Qissa of Courage; Mohammad Aamir Khan, Nandita Haksar, Framed as a Terrorist: My 14-Year Struggle to Prove My Innocence –  Ghazala Jamil
Jan Breman, On Pauperism in Present and Past –  Manasi Mahanty
Mukul Dube, India Since 2002: Articles Published in Mainstream.; Yogesh Atal and Sunil K. Choudhary, Right Turn in Indian Polity — Modi on BJP’s Chariot –  Shashank Chaturvedi
Avtar Singh, Closure, Relocation and Displacement— Issues and Challenges in India – Prakash Chand
V.Krishna Ananth, The Indian Constitution and Social Revolution: Right to Property Since Independence – P. Puneeth

Professor Randhir Singh (1922-2016):  Worldview of Radical Change – Dhananjay Rai