Table of Contents

Social Exclusion : The European Concept for Indian Social Misfits – Rama Krishna Reddy Kummitha
Quality of Education, Child Labour and Child Protection Structure : Interrogating the Status of Child Rights in UP – Ajit K. Pandey and Akhilesh Gautam
 Development, Displacement and Labour Market Marginalization: The case of Jharkhand Tribal population – Tanushree Haldar and Vinoj Abraham
 Indigenising Christianity: Politics of Conversion Among the Sumi Naga – Avitoli G Zhimo
Social Changes in Israeli Society and their Impact on the Importance of Work Outcomes – Moshe Sharabi
Resilience of Ideology as a Vanguard of Movement – Kamei Samson
Rural Handloom Textile Industry in Bihar : A Case of Rural Informal Sector – Uma Sarmistha

Climate Change and Displacement: Learning from Resettlement in Development Context – Hari Mohan Mathur

The Human Development Index and its Methodological Refinements – Surajit Deb
 Estimation of Interstate Migration based on Census of India 2011 for Major States in India – Bhaswati Das
 Well being by Eating well – Uma Shankari

Book  Reviews
Akmal Hussain and Muchkund Dubey, Democracy, Sustainable Development, and Peace New Perspectives on South Asia by Sheelkant Sharma
Ashok K. Pankaj, Ajit K. Pandey, Subalternity, Exclusion and Social Change in India by N. Jayaram
Rupa Viswanath, The Pariah Problem: Caste, Religion, and the Social in Modern India by Shailaja Menon
Ranjit Singh Ghuman and Indervir Singh, Nehruvian Economic Philosophy and its Contemporary Relevance by Saurabh Kumar
Manish Thakur, Indian Village: A Conceptual History by P C Joshi
Prasenjit Biswas, C Joshua Thomas, Construction of Evil in North East India : Myth, Narrative and Discourse by Trina Nileena Banerjee
Anirban Das, Toward a Politics of The (Im)Possible: The Body in Third World Feminisms by Vibhuti Patel
Swapna Banerjee-Guha, Accumulation by Dispossession : Transformative Cities in the New Global by Ghazala Jamil