Table of Contents

How Inclusive is Higher Education in India? – Jandhyala B G Tilak
Gender Inequality: Challenges of Educating the Girl Child – Rekha Kaul
The Ravages of Resettlement: A Ghanaian Case Study – Franklin Obeng-Odoom
Manual Scavenging: Issues of Caste, Culture and Violence – Mohd. Shahid
Natural Disaster and Women’s Mental Health – Pradeep Parida
Tradition and Technology in Falling Sex Ratio in India – Gulam Dasthagir
Ethno-Nationalism: Competing Micro-Nationalist Dissents in Manipur – Ch. Sekholal Kom

Safeguarding Education as Public Good and Regulating Private Providers – Kishore Singh

The Ordinance Amending the Land Acquisition Law (2013): Farmers Lose Out In the Unequal Contest of Power – B. Saxena
National Campaign on Education: Claiming Education for Every Child – Sneha Palit
Pathan Committee Report: Undermining the Idea of a University – Dhananjay Rai

Book Reviews
Ramgopal Agarwala, INDIA 2050: A Roadmap to Sustainable Prosperity by Narendra Jadhav
Mandira Ghosh, Impact of Famine on Bengali Literature by Bidyut Mohanty
Sukhpal Singh and Tarunvir Singh, Producer Companies in India: Organization and Performance by Susmita Mitra
Meenakshi Thapan (ed.), Ethnographies of Schooling in Contemporary India by Poornima M
Anil Kumar Vaddiraju, Sisyphean Efforts? State Policy and Child Labour in Karnataka by Mini Thomas P
Shreerekha Subhramanium, Women Writing Violence: The Novel and Radical Feminist Imaginaries by Reena Cherian
Manish K. Jha and Pushpendra, Traversing Bihar by Prashant Mishra
S.V. Srinivas, Politics as Performance: A Social History of the Telugu Cinema by Venkat Nagesh

Rajni Kothari: A Tribute to an Extra-ordinary, Democratic Intellectual – Manoranjan Mohanty