Table of Contents
Volume 45

Women with Disability and Reproductive Rights: Deconstructing Discourses – Shubhangi  Vaidya
The Public  Distribution System in Bihar: An Assessment of the Coupon System – Ashok K. Pankaj
Rural Households’ Access to Basic Amenities in India: Deprivation and Socio-Economic Exclusions  – Arjun Kumar
Understanding Predatory Organised Crime  through Network Governance Theory – Terrance Ruth, Jonathan Matusitz and Thomas T.H. Wan

Agricultural Labour and the Gender Dimension:  A Note  – Anil Kumar Vaddiraju

Review Article
Looking  into Injustices in India  – K.B. Saxena

Book Reviews
Sho Kuwajima, Muslims, Nation and the World: Life and Thought  of Abul  Hashim,  Leader of the Bengal Muslim League – Urba Malik   
Priya Kuriyan, Larissa Bertonasco and Ludmilla Bartscht  (ed.), Drawing the Line: Indian Women Fight Back  – Namita Jainer
Venkat Pulla and Bharath Bhushan Mamidi (ed.), Some Aspects of Community Empowerment and Resilience – Rituparna Sarma
K. V. Thomas, Left-Wing Extremism and Human Rights: The Role of Civil Liberties Groups in Andhra Pradesh – Vishesh Pratap Gurjar and Arvind Kumar
Subhadra Mitra Channa and  Joan P.  Mencher  (ed.), Life as a Dalit: Views from the Bottom on Caste in India – Aparajita Sharma  
Pushpa Sundar,  Business and Community: The Story of Corporate Social Responsibility in India – Seema Sharma

Praful Bidwai: The Indefatigable Crusader and his Small Car – Manoranjan Mohanty