Prof. Zoya Hasan is a National Fellow, Indian Council of Social Science Research. She has been a former Professor of Political Science and the Dean of School of Social Sciences at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi and a former member of the National Commission for Minorities. Prof. Hasan’s work has focussed on the State, political parties, ethnicity gender and minorities in India, and society in north India. Known for her path-breaking work on the politics of Uttar Pradesh, she has also undertaken extensive research on the social and educational aspects of Indian Muslims and Muslim women. Her interest in Indian Government and politics, the State party system, political mobilisation minority rights and gender studies is reflected in her various research studies and book. Amongst her many books she has authored, Congress after Indira: Policy, Power and Political Change (1984-2009), Democracy and the Crisis of Inequality: Collection of Essays, Politics of Inclusion: Castes, Minorities and Affirmative Action, Democracy in Muslim Societies: The Asian Experience, and India’s Living Constitution: Ideas, Practices, Controversies.  Along with Mushirul Hasan, she co-edited CSD’s publication, India: Social Development Report – 2012, Minorities at the Margins. She is currently completing a monograph for the ICSSR National Fellowship on Social Movements and State Action. Prof. Hasan holds a PhD from Pennsylvania State University.