th-dirDr T. Haque is  a Distinguished Faculty member of CSD. A recognised agricultural economist, Dr Haque’s specialisation lies in the area of agricultural development and policy.Dr Haque served as Director, CSD prior to which he was Chairperson, Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices, Government of India and was appointed National Fellow of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research at the National Centre for Agricultural Economics and Policy Research. He has served as a senior consultant to several organisations such as the International Labour Organisation, Food and Agricultural Organisation and the World Bank. He has also been associated with several expert committees of the Government of India, and the State Governments of Punjab and Andhra Pradesh. Recently  he been appointed as Honorary Chairperson of the Special Cell on Land Policy in the Niti Aayog. Author of a dozen significant books and over a hundred research papers and reports, his writings have largely focussed on rural development, monitoring agricultural policies to facilitate inclusive policy frameworks for developing countries. Dr Haque is the author of several books, including, Empowerment of Rural Women in Developing Countries, Socio-Economic Impact Assessment of Bt. Cotton in India, Land Policies for Inclusive Growth, Agrarian Reforms and Institutional Changes in India, Impact of Land Reforms on Agriculture and Rural Development, Transfer of Technology to Small Farmers and Impact of Tenancy Reform on Agricultural Productivity and Socio-economic Status of Tenants and Sustainability of Small Holder Agriculture. He holds a doctoral degree from Patna University and obtained post-doctoral training from Iowa State University, Ames, U.S.A.