pmaDr Arathi P.M. is an Assistant Professor at CSD. She completed  her doctoral research on Gendered Bodies, Medicine and Law: A Study of Selected Case Laws from India and an MPhil thesis doctoral research on Aborting Gender Justice: Legislating Abortion in Selected Countries of South Asia  —  A Preliminary Analysis from the Centre of Social Medicine and Community Health, School of Social Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. She holds a Masters in law specialising in health care law. Dr Arathi has been an Assistant Professor in law (FIP Substitute) at Government Law College, Thrissur, Kerala, and a Research Assistant on a collaborative project of the London School of Economics and Jawaharlal Nehru University on spousal violence in India. She has also been the National Research and Campaign Coordinator for the Society for Labour and Development, New Delhi; and a volunteer and trainer at the National Network for Palliative Care Kerala.  After practicing as a lawyer at Hosdurg Munsiff Court, Kerala, she went on to become a research associate and programme coordinator in Kairali TV for a television show related to gender issues. A faculty member at the People’s Plan Cell, Kerala State Planning Board for the training of elected women Panchayat members, Dr Arathi’s interests veer towards the intersection of gender studies, violence, health care law and regional modernity studies. Dr Arathi P.M. is a Fellow of the WZB-ISSC Global Fellowship Programme.