Prof. Hari Mohan Mathur, PhD.  is Distinguished Professor, Council for Social Development, New Delhi.  Earlier, as a member of the India  Administrative Service (IAS) he has held senior positions in the government of India as well as in the state of Rajasthan, including as Chief Secretary to the government of Rajasthan. Professor Mathur has also been the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Rajasthan.  In addition, he has served as staff consultant to several other UN and other international organisations: World Bank, ADB, UNDP, UNDTCD, UNESCAP, UNESCO and FAO.  Professor Mathur studied Anthropology at Lucknow University (awarded Gold Medal for obtaining First Position with First Division in MA Anthropology in 1958).  Prior to joining IAS in 1959, he served as Assistant Professor in the University of Lucknow’s Department of Anthropology. He earned his PhD in anthropology from the University of Rajasthan while working in the government.  Professor Mathur has been an Editor of the Eastern Anthropologist, and contributed to a special issue of this Journal focused on Resettlement. In 2005 Professor Mathur was awarded the Professor D N Majumdar Memorial Medal by the Indian Social Science Association (ISSA) for his work on developmental uses anthropology.  Professor Mathur has contributed chapters to several edited works and published papers in important journals both in India and abroad.  He has authored and edited several books on anthropology, development administration, and resettlement (the three areas of his specialization).  These include Anthropology in the development Process (Vikas Publishing House and Humanities Press Inc 1975).  Administering Development in the Third World (Sage 1986).  The Human Dimension of Development: Perspectives from Anthropology (Concept Publishing House 1990), Managing Projects that Involve Resettlement (World Bank 1997).  Development Projects and Impoverishment Risks (co-edited with David Marsden, Oxford University Press 1998).  Managing Resettlement in India: Approaches, Issues, Experiences (OUP 2006).  Can Compensation Prevent Impoverishment? (co-edited with Michael M Cernea (OUP 2008).  India Social Development Report 2008: Development and Displacement (OUP 2008), Resettling Displaced People: Policy and Practice in India (Routledge 2011).  Displacement and Resettlement in India: The Human Cost of Development (Routledge UK, London and New York 2013).  His latest book is Assessing the Social Impact of Development Projects: Experience in India and other Asian countries (Springer 2016)